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The EHRC and British government are one step away from declaring war on trans people.

Trans people's exclusion from "single-sex spaces" is being proposed by the UK government and the EHRC, a quango organisation populated by Tory party donors and supported by the Labour government. In effect, it will abolish trans people's right to a private life, forcing them to out themselves at work and socially in their private lives. The process of stripping of human rights of trans people by Kemi Badenoch and the EHRC has been clearly outlined here, by Jess O'Thompson.

This gives trans people some time to prepare a strategy to ameliorate the stripping of our human rights, and being placed into obviously difficult and sometimes dangerous situations. Trans people know that cisgender people frequently and violently police gender boundaries, with 50% of trans people being affected by sexual violence, and numerous examples of physical violence for daring to cross gender boundaries.

In effect, they are placing trans people in a position where they will be at war with those around them - "war, in the popular sense, [is] a conflict between political groups involving hostilities of considerable duration and magnitude."

Some trans activists have suggested political actions to counter this, but they often rely on the compassion and intelligence of our cisgender oppressors who have thus far failed us in the 6 year build up to hostilities between us. Direct action has also been suggested and I completely agree.

Escalation of hostilities will mean having a war plan, when inevitably, trans people are deluged by the assault of cisgender people who violently police our bodies and lives. As a transitioned woman, I would like to suggest actions and a mindset in the initial stages of the conflict:

1) Currently, in the UK the majority of trans people have lived quiet lives with many not even uttering that they are trans. They have assimilated, and in effect disappeared from the eyes of the cis. When we are all forced into spaces based on our assignment at birth, people are going to see us. This hyper-visibility is going to raise eyebrows. People will stare. When it happens I urge you to engage with them, and have those conversations about what has happened to you and why. Sing about the beauty of transition, and how to do it. Take it as an exercise in public relations, everywhere you go.

2) We often see the sharp end of the stick on twitter and many people are scared. Our lives have been made political, and the way forward is political. We will no longer have the right to a private life, so make our lives public, and in doing so preach that trans is beautiful. For the first time, people will realise that trans women aren't "men in frocks", and trans men "disaffected lesbians". They will see the honest truth and will be able to make the decisions for themselves. The anti-trans propaganda may just fall apart by itself, although we can't rely on it. Sure we may be exposed to violence and intimidation, but I ask you - have you not already been through this? We have. We survived, and we will continue to do so despite the eliminationists and the cis supremacists. Whatever they do to us, we will overcome. Being trans and surviving this far is a testament in itself. Ejecting us from spaces will be the worst mistake our enemies have made. People will see that we're not the vicious animals or mutilated beings we are made out to be. There will be no debate as to why trans women being forced to compete with cismen is unfair, because most cismen will know a trans woman. They will know we are not built like the muscle-warriors we are made out to be. The truth will out.

3) I'm not saying that we acquiesce. Make no mistake, we will no longer be civilians as we will be stripped of our human rights. Occupy any and all spaces designated for your assigned sex at birth regardless of any need for it. Be creative. Make noise. Here is a list of men's organisations for transitioned women to infiltrate, when war is declared: occupy them and take up as much time and capacity from them as you can. Demand representation, research and specific support for transitioned women. Transitioned women over 40 should all ask for their PSA (prostate-specific antigen) to be taken, every year (it's good for your health too). Take up time and services, use the helplines, say you're worried, get all the tests you can. The advantage of being classed as a "legal man" is that you will no longer be ping-ponged from men's to women's services. They will have to accept you, they will have to test you, they will have to listen to you and include you regardless of how it might make men feel. Every interaction is an opportunity to change hearts and minds. Join amateur men's sports teams if you're the sporty type, and yes, change with them - you have no privacy anyway. If men are inappropriate, film it, publicise it, and shame them and the organisation. These are just suggestions, there's no obligation of course, now is the time to brainstorm ideas and to work together - and we should consider every possible opportunity.

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Ray Lavery
Ray Lavery
Apr 19, 2023

I'm with you Amelia! We are actually a large number of people. We need to stand together as one, not just small groups. 1% of the population is 700,000 people. Plus all the supporters. That's 3-5 million people in the UK. That's enough to swing a political vote and oust any politician. We must come together as one.

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