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Snap transiness poll reveals that 97% of trans people living "in role" physically transition.

Recently, we responded to claims that only a small minority of trans people physically transition by polling our members, and the results were telling. Although merely a poll on facebook, it nonetheless captures a snapshot of trans people and stands in the face of objections that "very few" trans people actually transition. With 97% of trans - transsexual, non-binary and trans people wanting to or actually physically transitioning, the results speak for themselves. At the moment 46% of trans people have had surgery, with a further 25% on waiting lists for HRT and surgery. Just over 25% take HRT alone, however, it should be noted that of these 25%, some may still transition to have physical surgeries to enable them to feel comfortable.

With only 3% of trans people neither taking hormones nor having surgery, this represents a tiny minority - very telling when anti-trans groups have been proporting that the opposite is the case: that people who are "biologically male" are invading sexed spaces. Our results clearly demonstrate that people change their biology to suit their gender identity, for their own comfort, and that of others. It's not unusual for anti-trans campaigners to inflate, conflate, or simply make up statistics in order to make their case. Furthermore, it clarifies that a majority of non-binary and ts folk do require hormones and / or surgery. A previous poll revealed that 0% of people regretted transitioning. This is consistent with a tiny amount of regret / detransitioning at the GIC in london. The results of which can be found here (apologies for the poor quality of the document).

With such telling statistics, one wonders why trans healthcare and trans peoples lives are so contraversial. By comparison, rates of regret for any other elective surgery stand at 20-30x those of trans surgery, at around a more or less constant rate of 6% - this includes breast augmentation for cisgender women. The scandal is, of course, that the amount of poorly researched hype has totally eclipsed the actual facts with respect to trans people - having been flooded by a tsunami of negative press in the UK media, including Channel 4 and the BBC, trans people have had an uphill battle trying to keep up with it all. However, keep up we will, and in the end - the truth will out.

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