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I'm a trans man I've been writing poetry since I was a teenager, even had some published! I recently gave up years of going 'stealth' after I felt that due to all the negativity in the media, people needed more visible trans people in their lives.

Anyway here's my poetry, some serious, some tongue in cheek, hope you enjoy.

The secret

I have a secret, well most people don't know,

I don't have to tell you, I don't think it shows,

I know that having this option is a very big honour,

I know others aren't able to, even though they wanna.

You look at me now and call me Sir,

No doubt influenced by my facial hair,

But 7 years ago you would have called me Miss,

No doubt influenced by my massive tits.

People Say

People say, because I'm gay,

I ought to act a certain way,

A little camp, a little fey.

People say, because I'm trans,

Were you born a woman, or a man?

They can't work out where I began.

People say because I'm trans and gay,

Well surely that's straight? not gay?

And try to wipe my existence away.


The scars on my chest still visible

They replaced the ones I made myself,

Decorated my left arm with slices

With a razor

Or a scalpel

Not too deep, was never that brave

But deep enough

The sound, the tear of skin

Then wait.........

The red, the tiny buds of blood

Random pattern along the incision

All growing, getting bigger, merging, flowing

The warm line of blood finding its way to the ground, leaving a sticky tangy trail

I can smell the blood even now, can taste the metal tang

Just one cut though....

Not enough

Again, slice again

This time slice three times quickly,

Then stop and watch the show again

Hurt the body that causes so much pain.

I can barely see those scars now replaced by the two on my chest.

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