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Evidence emerges that "Safe Schools Alliance" is a transphobic hate group.

Evidence from "Sprout 2020" has emerged today that the Safe Schools Alliance has indeed nothing to do with safe schools and everything to do with transphobia. This thread details the facts about the founders of the organisation and its hatred, disguised as "concern" trans people, and gender varient children. Tracey Shaw / Gardener, the founder of the organisation has little experience in safeguarding. She does, however, have a long history of transphobia.

Here she is comparing trans people to date rape drugs:

She harassed a rape crisis center (common targets for transphobes because they seek to undermine all health and social support for trans people) because they follow the equality act and support trans women who are (frequently) victims of sexual violence. She calls such women men, which is both insulting and offensive.

Her biography details no experience in safeguarding whatsoever:

The co-founder of the pseudo-organisation "Safer Schools", is Melissa Mallows. Between them, they sent letters to 300 headteachers demanding the withdrawal of education for trans and gender non-conforming children, produced by Gendered Intelligence, a support group for trans, ts, and non-binary children. On their website, they claim to "offer unbiased, evidence-based guidance and support". How can this be so, with such clear evidence of transphobia from their founder?

Again, taken from their site, they then go on to claim this:



What they are talking about are not "males", they are meaning trans, ts and non-binary girls. As you can see, this is true to the form of their founder.



Here, they talk about outing trans children to all parents, which is in breach of both Caldicott principles, and those governing safeguarding. It is clear they have absolutely no experience in safeguarding or confidentiality. Information sharing and confidentiality are between professionals, not the general public. The status of trans children is of no concern to those not dealing directly with the issues of safeguarding and of supporting a vulnerable trans child at school.

There is so much about the "safer schools" site which is uneducated bunkum, I find it very difficult to believe that any professional would take it seriously. There is evidence of transphobia throughout the site, whose key aims are to enforce cis-supremacy and expose trans and gender non-conforming children to abuse.

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